Mexico Residency

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    Mexico is a country rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. From the vibrant city life of Mexico City to the tranquil beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico offers something for everyone.

    With its warm climate, friendly people, and affordable cost of living, it's no wonder that so many people from around the world are choosing to make Mexico their home.

    For those looking to relocate to Mexico, the country's residency program offers a relatively easy and straightforward process. Below, we will detail everything that process requires and more.

    By meeting the requirements for permanent residency, individuals can enjoy all that Mexico has to offer, from its warm climate and beautiful beaches to its rich culture and history.

    In addition to the benefits of obtaining permanent residency, individuals who have lived in Mexico for a certain amount of time may also be eligible for citizenship. This allows individuals to fully integrate into Mexican society and take advantage of all the rights and privileges of Mexican citizenship.

    The Details


    Path to Citizenship

    Time to Citizenship:
    2-5 years depending

    Economic Citizenship:

    Physical Presence:


    The Mexican Passport

    Visa-Free Travel Countries:

    Europe Visa-Free:

    USA Visa-Free:

    Mexican Passport Ranking:


    Costs Of Living + Taxes

    Cost of Living:
    $1,000-4,000 USD monthly

    Taxes Foreign Income:
    Yes, potentially

    Income Tax Rate:
    Varies greatly

    Restricted Nationalities

    No nationality or country is officially restricted from applying.

    Dual Citizenship

    Dual citizenship is fully recognized in Mexico. 

    You will not be required to renounce any previous nationalities and passports to become a citizen of Mexico.

    Documents Required

    The required documentation varies depending on a variety of factors, including your age, specific program you are using to get the residency, and more.

    After doing an onboarding call, the team at will present you with the exact documentation required to complete the process.

    However, generally, the following documents are required:

    • Passport: A valid passport with more than 6 months remaining validity is required to apply for permanent residency in Mexico.
    • Application form: The one page application form must be completed and submitted with all required documentation.
    • Financial solvency: You must provide proof of financial solvency, which can be demonstrated through bank statements, investment portfolios, and property ownership. The specific amounts vary based on the consulate you apply through. We will provide you with the most beneficial location for you application.
    • No criminal record: You will be required to represent to the Mexican government that you have a clean criminal record. Not all prior crimes necessarily prohibit you from applying but will have to be disclosed and handled on a case by case basis.
    • Photograph and fingerprinting: You must provide a recent passport photograph and have your fingerprints taken.

    Benefits of Residency in Mexico

    Obtaining permanent residency in Mexico comes with a wide range of benefits that make it an attractive option for individuals looking to relocate – along with an attractive residency as a “Plan B” in your internationalization plan.

    Mexican residency can be a great backup plan for individuals seeking a stable and welcoming environment outside of their home country. 

    With its relatively easy process for obtaining residency and potential citizenship, Mexico offers an attractive option for those looking to secure a backup plan for their future. 

    Along with the above, the benefits of Mexican residency include:

    • Access to healthcare
    • Access to education
    • Work opportunities
    • Affordable cost of living
    • Safety net for individuals who want to protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances or instability in their home country

    While the team at anticipates most individuals interested in permanent residency in Mexico are looking to relocate there has never been a better time to have a backup plan even if you desire to stay where you are. The many benefits we outline on your consultation call should be weighed when making a decision.

    As well…

    Mexican residency makes real estate investing far smoother in the country. This is even more true once the resident becomes a citizen – and can therefore purchase beachfront property as an individual, NOT through a trust.


    Mexico is a country rich in culture, history, and traditions. With permanent residency, individuals have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in Mexican culture and experience all that the country has to offer.

    Overall, obtaining permanent residency in Mexico can be a life-changing experience that provides a range of benefits and opportunities.

    Eligibility and Requirements

    Mexico offers several options for obtaining permanent residency, including:

    • Family unity
    • Retirement
    • Employment
    • Investment
    • Humanitarian

    The “Family Unity” program is designed for individuals who have close family members who are Mexican citizens or permanent residents. This is also true for families who have children born in Mexico.

    The “Retirement” program is for those who demonstrate a certain level of income and/or savings from a fixed source such as a retirement investment program, pension or social security or equivalent.

    Permanent residency before retirement age is a specialty of ours. Thank Uncle Crorona Virus for opening the doors to this opportunity.

    This is due to income and solvency requirements – legally available to us. This is our speciality, as we are able to help economically solvent foreigners legally become permanent residents of the wonderful country of Mexico – prior to retirement age.

    The “Employment” program is available for individuals who have a job offer from a Mexican employer, while the Investment program is for those who make a significant investment in Mexico, such as purchasing property or starting a business.

    The specific requirements and eligibility criteria may vary depending on the program chosen, which is where we come in.

    Our team will ensure that all necessary documentation and requirements are met for your specific situation.

    How Our Process Works

    We offer one of the most straightforward paths to Mexican permanent residency in the industry.

    To begin…

    We do an on-boarding call to confirm financial requirements, eligibility, travel availability, and more.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Once we have confirmed you meet the requirements, which again can vary greatly, we request payment for services rendered. This payment is non-refundable.
    2. Once payment is confirmed, we send over a list of documents you MUST gather before any appointment is set.
    3. Next, we will begin the process of monitoring the government website to aid in scheduling you an appointment at the Mexican Consulate we deem best for your specific case.
    4. We will schedule the appointment, confirm your documentation, and give you guidelines on what to expect at the appointment.
    5. You will then travel to the appointment with the prepared documents. A suit is required and the applicant must bring their passport. Some consulates may have additional requirements and we will address those on a case by case basis.
    6. The consulate will make a determination to issue the single-entry visa or request additional documents should they seek them. In this largely unlikely case, an additional appointment will be needed.
    7. A successful application will result in the affixation of a single entry visa into the passport of the applicant. The applicant now typically has 180 days to enter Mexico using the single entry visa.
    8. The applicant will now schedule a trip to Mexico at a time of their choosing. Before finalizing the reservation, they should communicate their desired travel time to us so that we can confirm that there will not be any government closures affecting the ability to process the application. More information will be given during this step.
    9. The applicant should also obtain documentation of their blood type for the issuance of a driver’s license. A valid drivers license from their country of origin will also be necessary if the client seeks to obtain one in Mexico.
    10. The applicant must enter Mexico. This can be done through any port of entry. When presenting your passport to the border guard, be sure to open it to the page where your single entry visa was affixed. It will, at that time, be canceled as you are admitted. This will be done by stamping it. From that moment you will have 30 days to report to the Mexican Immigration authority in La Paz.
    11. Upon arrival to said city, you will begin communicating with our partner lawyer(s) on the ground. He will handle making the government deposit and paying all the fees. He will inform you what time you will need to show up to the government office. Renting a car will make this easier as Uber is often unreliable.
    12. At your first appointment, you will be walked through the process. You will sign documents and have your fingerprints and biometrics taken. At the end of the first day you will be issued a temporary residency.

    From this point, our team begins working to submit your financial documentation.

    If you have supporting financial documentation and solvency, our team will request a special hearing to get your temporary resident permit upgraded to permanent residency – based on financial solvency. This process generally takes another 24-72 hours if you have proper financial documentation.

    At the end of this timeframe and if you meet the qualifications…

    You will receive your Mexican Permanent Residency card.

    With permanent residency in hand you will then be scheduled for your appointment at the Department of Motor Vehicles. This could be later in the same day or the next day, depending on the amount of people in line at the office. For this appointment all you will need is proof of your blood type and your drivers license issued by your home country. It will take approximately an hour to complete and you will be issued your license the same day.

    Congratulations, you are finished. Time to enjoy the beach!

    You are now permitted to live in Mexico indefinitely.

    Path to Mexican Citizenship

    Much like the issuance of a permanent residency, citizenship is not explicitly guaranteed.

    The good news is that Mexico does have clear guidelines on the eligibility requirements to apply for naturalization.

    To obtain citizenship in Mexico, individuals need to be a resident for two to five years, depending on their specific situation. 

    Furthermore, the applicant must spend 18 out of 24 months prior to applying for citizenship, living in Mexico.

    Additionally, applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in the Spanish language and have a reasonable understanding of Mexican history and culture.

    This process will involve submitting various documents, including proof of residency, a language proficiency test, and knowledge of Mexican history and culture also via testing administered by the government of Mexico. Once the application is submitted, it can take several months to half a year to complete the process and obtain citizenship.

    The good news?

    Unlike many countries in Latin America, Mexico does issue passports to naturalized citizens on a regular basis – without much issue.

    Apply For Mexico
    Permanent Residency Today!

    Mexico offers one of the strongest passports in Latin America, along with a straightforward process to legally become a permanent resident.

    For individuals of economic means looking to spend significant time in the country and/or get their internationalization plan going, getting permanent residency in Mexico is a great idea.

    We can help you become a legal permanent resident of this wonderful country…

    ¡Viva Mexico!